Beautiful Fire Pit Landscaping Ideas

Jan 24th

Fire pit landscaping ideas – Fireplaces are a modern form of the classic camp or cooking fire. Instead of simply digging a shallow hole and arranging some cliffs around the hole. Fireplaces are deeper and in the case of fixed fireplaces, higher and more robust. The first step in landscaping around or with a fire pit is to decide if the type of pit that will work best in your area.

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Commercial portable fireplaces can add a warm fire to your yard cheaply and with very little work. Portable fireplaces consist of a metal pan on the legs. Many have a top screen to reduce sparks and glow. The good thing about a portable fire pit is that it can fit into your existing fire pit landscaping ideas. If you already have an arrangement of outdoor furniture, you can just arrange this furniture around the portable fire pit. If you are short of space, you can go to the pit on cooler evenings, but save it when it is not necessary.

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Brick or stone fireplaces can add interest to your fire pit landscaping ideas. If your fire pit has a wide window shade, you can place potted plants and flowers around it during the heat of summer when it will likely be used less. By building your fire pit about the height of your chair seats, you can make it easier to toast muffins or roast sausages on cool spring and autumn nights. Fireplaces can be made of stone, brick or even concrete imitation stone.

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