Building Landscaping With River Rock

Jan 31st

Landscaping With River Rock – When landscaping your garden with stone, you have more choices. You can pay to get rocks drawn, pull the rocks yourself or make artificial stones from cement. A simple method of creating stones is to mix a recipe using hyper tufa. Hyper tufa is similar to Alpine stone, but is made of concrete. If you mix and cure the hyper tuft correctly, it is easier than rock and will not freeze in winter conditions. The process of making hyper tufa artificial rocks is similar to making clay pies.

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Apply protective clothing, including gloves, respiratory protection and an apron. Cement is corrosive and may irritate the skin and lungs if you come into contact with it. Mix equal parts of Landscaping with River Rock, Portland cement and vermiculite in a bucket. Add enough water to make the mixture as thick as a clay circle. Roll the cement mix as if it were the dough and then shape it into a rock form. Place the berth into a dry clean bag and spray it with fog. Allow the rock to harden and cure for up to four days. Open the bag and fog the mountain daily.

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When done cure, remove the stone from the bag and brush the surface with a copper brushed steel brush to soften the edges. Leave the Landscaping with River Rock in a sunny position for a week longer to cure and toughen further. Wash your tools before the hyper tax mixture can set and cure. If the blend is hard on your tools, you must chip the mix away to use your tools again.

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