Create a Centered Front Yard Landscape Design

Jan 27th

Front yard landscape design – A yard-centered plan not only impresses the neighbors, but also adds curb appeal that can increase the price of your home. A well-focused landscape can highlight certain aspects of the house, such as a freshly painted door or the new siding that can be blunted by an uneven lawn or overgrown shrubs. A good plan before planting will help you get the results you want.

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Front yard landscape design ideas, take samples of the gardening area at various locations on the ground and send the samples to the local University extension for nutrient and pH tests. The test will indicate what nutrients you need to add to your soil for the plants to grow.  Ensure a landscape drawing scale on grid paper. Lay tracing paper on the graph and draw the patterns of lawn drainage indicating areas that you know do not drain well. Add the location of the garage and other buildings to the tracing paper.

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Determine needs for the landscape and future plans of the house. If you have a built extension, it does not make sense to add a tree in that place. Determine a budget for the front yard landscape design and the price of the plants accordingly. Lay a new piece of tracing paper on the graph paper and draw large circles that indicate the yard and where the current plants are.

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