Creation of a Home Landscape Design

Jan 26th

In any residential home landscape design improvements can make a tremendous difference in the appearance, utility and value of your home. Planning your landscaping needs usually involves a simple sketch. Also a partial drawing of the site, or sometimes what is known as a master plan. To understand the different types of design services available let me explain a little about each one.

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Services of home landscape design architecture, they are typically made by licensed professionals who provide formal landscaping services. Which integrate Soft cape (plant material) and hard cape (masonry, fencing, etc). And often require coordination with other licensed professionals such as architects and engineers. The architectural drawings of the landscape begin as informal sketches. And eventually become technical drawings or CAD.

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There are many types and phases of home landscape design architectural services. Such as site analysis, conceptual design, schematic design, master plans. Also design development, construction documentation, supply phase services and construction management. The design is developed through a series of meetings with the client and other design professionals. The number of meetings is determined by the scope of the work. These designs often cost several thousand dollars. But allow you to have a complete view of your project. And, often, a carefully budgeted cost analysis.

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