Desert Landscaping Ideas for Homes

Jan 29th

Desert landscaping ideas usually include dryscaping techniques. Spice up your desert landscape with brightly colored flowers. Even a small garden or patch of flower in the middle of a gravel landscape works well. Some flower bulbs appear on the Phoenix Home Website and garden magazine are the spider lily, saffron crocus, white freesia and crocosmia sp.

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That bulbs work well in desert climates, such as exterior Arizona homes. However, keep in mind that these flowers are not native to your region. For example, white freesia comes to the United States from southern Africa. If you want to incorporate a fountain in a desert landscaping ideas, show a conservative spirit. These by using a water source already dedicated to another function outside your home.

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For example, if pumping water up from the ground for sprinklers, direct it through a hose or underground pipe to the source. Design of a collection pool around the fountain. With an underground pump, you can pump recycled water from the pool through the fountain over and over again. Another option is to design the source to use water collected from surface rainfall. Consult with a gardening expert to find the right fountain design for your garden with desert landscaping ideas.

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