Front Yard Landscaping Ideas for Small Spaces

Jan 17th

The path that leads to the front door is a key feature of the front yard. A walkway at least 4 feet (1.2 m) wide allows two people to walk side by side. A path lined with vegetation is attractive and one that curves around a bird fountain, a tree or even a garden gnome gives a sense of flow. Any front yard landscaping ideas design, however, should make sense? Especially in a small yard, and sometimes a straight line works best.

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The main door is a large focal point in a small courtyard. It improves the space with a close cluster of bright containers and cheerful flowers. A few design tricks make small front yard landscaping ideas look bigger. In an article published in the magazine “Fine Gardening”, the landscape painter and author Rosalind Reed shares some advice.

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For example, make use of the entire patio when extending it to the sidewalk. Dividing a small patio into various areas. Such as a water source, elevated plantings and a segmented area to eat and relax, adds depth to the space. Also, put the garden pieces at a 45-degree angle to the house to offset the size of the house in a small front yard landscaping ideas.

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