Ideas of Outdoor Sectional Furniture Covers

Jan 22nd

Outdoor sectional furniture covers – Making your own covers is a low-cost way to dress up a worn, dirty or old sectional sofa. Sewing sectional covers is a simple project that requires some sewing supplies and a durable fabric in a neutral tone or a color that matches the decoration of the room. The project requires basic sewing skills and the ability to cut to measurements fabric. Once completed, the covers bring a new life to the sectional.

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Make outdoor sectional furniture covers, remove the sectional cushions. Remove the cushion cover by the open cutting seam with a ripper. Be careful to avoid damaging the shock absorbed. Measure each shock absorbed to determine length, width and height. Write each measurement on a piece of paper. Add the height and width and the number multiply by two. Add 2 inches for the new measurement for seam allowance. Calculate the height / length of the cushion by adding the measurement numbers. Add 4 inches to the new measurement for seam allowance.

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Then for make outdoor sectional furniture covers, unfold the new cloth cover and place it on a flat surface. Fold the piece of the cover in half width-wise so the right side is inside. Fold in 1/2 inch of the fabric upside down on the open edge. Iron the fold to hold the fabric in place. Slide the pad onto the cover as if it were a pillowcase. Sew the cover closed by hand; Use a slip stitch to make a clean closure.

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