Ideas to Paint Plastic Outdoor Furniture

Oct 7th

Plastic outdoor furniture – Do not mix worn out plastic furniture! Renew with special spray paint designed to bond directly to plastics. Place on a respirator or work outdoors. A respirator is recommended when using spray paint, whether you are painting indoors or outdoors. With the spray paint designed specifically for plastic items, you do not have to prime or sand the plastic, just make sure it is clean and dry so that the paint can bond to the plastic.

Spread newspapers on the floor of your garage, yard or driveway. Place the plastic outdoor furniture to be painted in the newspapers. Shake the can for the amount of time recommended on the can. Press the button and start painting the piece. Be sure to move the can little by little and evenly so that you get coverage even in the piece. Do not spray too fast or too hard. The paint could drip or run.

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Depending on the color of your plastic outdoor furniture and the color you choose, you have to paint more than one layer to achieve the color you want. Make sure your furniture is completely dry between the layers. Let the piece dry. It should only take 15 minutes or so to dry to the touch. Let it rest overnight before moving it for the best results.