Landscape Rocks And Stones Earth Tone Decoration

Jan 28th

Landscape Rocks And Stones – Making landscapes with natural materials such as plants and stones gives energy, texture, and contrast to a patio. In addition to the aesthetic questions, consider the function for which each element can serve, whether you’re putting together the landscape of a low-drainage area or a meeting place that has no privacy. Choose plants that combine with the growing conditions of your patio, including sunlight, drainage and the type of soil.

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Create a plant base near the landscape rocks and stones, in front of the house or in another place where you want them to grow. Cover the plants with a layer of 2 inches (5 cm) of decorative small rocks such as river rocks or gravel. Aligns the seating position of the plants with an edge of medium-sized stones. Dig a 4-inch (10 cm) deep trench as wide as the stones and line the bottom with gravel to prevent the stones from sinking.

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Place them one against the other and fill the trench with more gravel so that the stones are partially buried. Mark low drainage places with a garden stake. Use a rope to support a course for a dry stream that runs from the problem area to a safe exit such as a ditch. Set medium landscape rocks and stones in randomly chosen places next to the bottom of the trench to add visual interest.

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