Look Fresh Green Hillside Landscape Ideas

Jan 17th

Slopes with sloping surfaces, drainage problems and erosion problems make hillside landscape ideas a difficult place for landscape. Filling hillsides and vegetation requires comprehensive gardening challenges. Developing a vision for space and knowledge of the plants that grow in the area also help home gardeners picked the right plants making a leafy and green hill. In areas where the entire landscape is on a hill, create a flat surface by a series of terraces and berms.

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Consult a local landscaper to ensure that the work is performed efficiently, legally and safely. Create shallow, horizontal trenches followed by mounds of earth. Planting vegetation in ditches and berms helps conserve soil and moisture. Finish the look with the construction of retaining walls around the tiered trenches. Evergreen plant covers, flowering expand on hillside landscape ideas, filling area with green texture and seasonal flowering.

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Hillside landscape ideas with Kudzu plants typically stay green through mild winters, but can turn brown and go dormant in colder climates. Hampton recommends planting a combination of blackfoot, straggler daisy and frogfruit plains. Plains blackfoot is a rounded, low-growing shrub that blooms yellow and white, daisy-like spring flowers by autumn. Straggler’s daisy, native to the southern United States, features large green leaves and small, yellow flowers from March to April.

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