Making Fake Rocks for Landscaping

Jan 24th

Creating your own fake rocks for landscaping can be an advantage for collecting the real thing, as you can adapt the size, shape, color and texture to suit your personal needs.  Choose at least one real rock that is the size and shape you want to duplicate. Clean the rock well to remove any residue and then cover it with a thick layer of vaseline so that it will come easy to separate it from its mold.

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Fake rocks for landscaping, place the rock on a piece of cardboard and cover completely with the contractor’s foam sealant and let it dry. Cut the foam sealant with a carpet knife, making a smooth circular cut around the thickest part of the rock so you have two halves of your fake stone mold. Apply a thick layer of Vaseline on each part of the mold.

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Build fake rocks for landscaping, mix the cement according to the package instructions and add any additional material that you like. You can add more sand or pumice to give your rock more texture. You can even add a few drops of food coloring to give your fake rocks a color tint. Pour the cement on each side of the mold and then place the two pieces together. Place the fake stone mold in a warm and sunny place to dry.

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