Red Lava Rock for Landscaping Ideas

Jan 21st

Lava rock results when magma, the melted lava from a volcano, cools. It is a kind of rock famous with basalt, especially vesicular basalt. Vesicles are the holes created by gas bubbles. The color of the red lava rock for landscaping comes from iron in lava, according to the University of Pittsburgh. The striking natural color of the cliffs makes them a popular landscaping choice.

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Red lava rocks 12 inches long and larger make an appealing edge for flower beds. To put the lava rock for landscaping to an end as a rustic orbit limit makes them aware of their uneven shapes. Large red lava rocks and pebbles work well in tropical gardens. And add an authentic image of volcanic stone to go with lush leaves and exotic flowers.

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We can discourage squirrels, dogs and cats from digging by place a larger lava rocks between plants in beds or container gardens. Red gravel lava rock for landscaping works well to add color and keep moisture to the patio and garden potted plants. Keep in mind that the landscape stone small enough for a dog to swallow poses a serious risk to pets. Lava rock that’s small enough to get caught in shoes or boots can scratch indoor floors or pool tiles. So, the end.

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