Special Gravel Landscaping Ideas

Oct 5th

The gravel landscaping ideas have become a trend in recent years. The combination of stones and plants for a gravel trap has achieve with little effort to create a great impact. And can be designed in a thousand different ways; like a Japanese, Mediterranean or alpine garden. After sowing the desired plant species much less care is required, which for beginners and amateur gardeners is a substantial advantage?

Among the advantages of the application of a gravel landscaping ideas garden are the following. It can be design as a whole or as individual plots. Its gives a lot of play when creating the landscape of the garden; it requires very little maintenance. On the surface, weeds do not usually grow and it is an ideal option both for dry areas and for more humid areas.

For home designs it is recommended to choose a dry and sunny place. Ideally, a clay soil or a substrate with a high content of sand or gravel. The prerequisite is that the water can drain well. A special construction allows the application of a special gravel landscaping ideas for wet surfaces, so we can consider this option if necessary. L to bed applied to deeper and incorporates a layer of at least 15 centimeters of gravel and sand. The last 5 centimeters above the surface basically consist of one mulch of gravel or crushed stone.

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