The Beautiful Drought Resistant Landscaping Ideas

Jan 18th

Drought resistant landscaping ideas – If you live in an area that receives very little rain or you want to conserve water, you can plant and maintain beautiful and lush landscaping. There are many plants that will provide you with color, texture and flowers throughout the year. Everything that takes a little planning and preparation.

Plantation of drought resistant landscaping ideas. When the time comes to place new plants on the ground, always make sure that you submerge the plants in water completely. Since the plants are new, they have not had time to develop the extensive root system of a mature plant. If possible, plant at night or on a cloudy day. Once they are planted, you need the new plants more than usual for the first weeks of water, but be careful not to over-water. As they mature, they only need water often enough to keep the plants healthy. Once the plants on the ground, place approximately 1 inch of the mulch on the soil around the plants. This helps conserve water by reducing evaporation and keeping the soil cold.

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Choose plants for drought resistant landscaping ideas. Plants that are drought tolerant usually have certain physical characteristics. The leaves are succulent with a waxy layer or hairs on the surface of the leaf. Succulent leaves are thick and this is where the plant stores water. The waxy layer helps reduce evaporation, and the hairs of the leaf reflect sunlight. Other drought tolerant plants have small leaves or leaves that are divided into narrow segments. These types of leaves reduce evaporation due to the small area exposed to sunlight. Silver or gray leaves help reflect sunlight outside the plant. Blurred leaves or thorns help the plant shade and reduce evaporation.

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