Tropical Landscaping Ideas Design

Mar 24th

Tropical landscaping ideas – An exuberant, tropical landscape can be easy in warmer climates, but how do you achieve a tropical look in colder climates? There are a number of cold-resistant plants that can create the look you want. The use of tropical plants such as annuals or container plants help complete the look. Choice and placement of plants are essential elements of a lush and tropical look. The plants should be allowed room to grow and fill the spaces to create the appearance of a tropical paradise or jungle.

Whatever the image in your mind, there are plants that can help you get the tropical look in your tropical landscaping ideas. What could be more tropical than palms and bananas? For a tropical garden with cold-resistant appearance, there are palms of the hands, such as the palm of the hand windmill and dwarf palmetto, which are resistant to temperatures below 10 degrees Fahrenheit, and even more that are resistant to temperatures of 20 degrees to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. While these palms may suffer damage to the leaves during extreme temperatures, they are quick to recover when the temperature is warm.

Another resistant to the tropical landscaping ideas cold is Musa basjoo, a kind of Japanese banana. These bananas can reach 14 feet in a single season in suitable conditions. Musa basjoo does not produce fruit, but the gardeners have been digging and storing the banana trees that produce fruit during the winter for years, making this another possibility to have the tropical aspect, in addition to their own bananas.