Using String Furniture to Solve Your Modular Outdoor Furniture

Jan 19th

Modular Outdoor Furniture – The best way to change interior space is to complete it properly and change things as often as possible. String furniture pieces can strengthen and change almost all areas. Classic and timeless pieces remain a favorite of homeowners because they are the most functional unit. Nils Strinning came back with the String System back in 1949, and the units were still producing in Sweden.

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Modular outdoor furniture which consists of several components with a classic wire panel that allows unlimited combinations. String furniture uses a DIY approach with the option of buying ready-made pieces that only require installation or possibly come with customized pieces using the company’s iPad application. Currently, String Furniture is retailing in more than 44 countries around the world, and this brand continues to release new products.

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Modular outdoor furniture as we know it was launched in 2004 after buying the String brand and the right to produce a well-known rack system. They further released the shelves in white, walnut, black, and oak colors. Spring has a simple and tiny construction with a sleek side panel developed with the aim of instilling functionality and aesthetics. They also pack thin making them affordable for transportation, and they don’t require complicated assembly.

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